The port of Oakland, CA is the 4th largest port in United States and ranks 20th globally in container handling. Port security consisted of obsolete and fixed camera technologies in addition to the lack of communication between law enforcement, first responders, and port tenants. The objectives of the Port of Oakland Intrusion Detection System (IDS) project are to modernize the legacy IDS system to detect, identify and share real-time intrusion and incident information along 11 mile perimeter including the 8 port terminals.

As part of this project SAI had the following key responsibilities:

  • Generate design of IP based video analytics cameras layout for the detection, location and tracking of intrusions
  • Perform the primary seismic and structural analysis for camera pole foundations
  • Generate design and layout of the main Fiber Optic Communication Network
  • Perform an instrumental electrical power study for the detection cameras
  • Provide the design, analysis & development of the network hardware and software
  • Provide the design, analysis & development of the Video Management System software
  • Perform the HVAC analysis and modifications of the central back-end server room
  • Generate the video server and storage design and analysis to support the overall project