The ANPR system enables Government of Mexico’s (GOM) law enforcement agencies to automatically recognize vehicle license plates, match it with the existing vehicle registry, and see if the vehicle is operating legally. The system also helps in generating intelligence to combat vehicle theft and other illicit activities. The initial design and deployment is for 73 toll lanes which will be expanded to 250 toll lanes nationwide. System features include:

  • Identification of vehicle based on license plate numbers
  • Violation processing
  • Matching of vehicle crossing monitoring points against the database of stolen vehicles and other lists of specific use.
  • Determining suspect vehicle presence in areas of interest/investigation of crimes
  • Identification of suspicious vehicles
  • Research of intended vehicles for intelligence activities
  • A safe and expeditious operation for automated booths by federal highways

SAI is the prime contractor for the design, deployment, integration, testing and training of the operators on the system. As part of this contract, SAI is responsible for the following.

  • Design, deployment and integration of ANPR system (cameras, RFID readers, lane controllers etc.,) for 73 toll lanes at 4 toll plazas
  • Establishment of communication system between toll plazas and the SSP control center
  • System integration, training and documentation
  • Warranty and support for 3 years from system acceptance