US Department of State – International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Division Selected the Team of General Dynamics IT (Prime) and Sarakki Associates Inc. (Sub) for the DIGITUS Biometric Project.

Sarakki Associates Inc. is part of the GDIT team for the design, development, and deployment of a formalized, fully compliant, and scalable (55 million transactions per year) central Biometric System for the Government of Mexico that is fully funded by US Department of State. This is a multi-phase and multi-year project and includes the following:

  • Interfacing and Interoperability: with up to 6 other Mexican biometric system applications and US biometric systems within the FBI, DHS (Ident), DoD, and other systems required.
  • Identification: search of primary repository using one or more biometric images (search/search and enroll/search and assign)
  • Verification: (search/search and enroll/search and assign) biometric verification of an identity that has been previously encountered
  • Retrieve Identity: retrieval of identity records using a unique identifier
  • External Identification: search of external database (search/search and enroll)
  • Notification Services: authorization of a subscriber to be notified that an event has taken place in the system on an enrolled identity (addition of an encounter, addition of derogatory information, administrative updates)